bib-bab シャツスタイ(ストライプ青)



定価 2,600円(税込2,860円)






bib-bab シャツスタイ(ストライプ青)とbib-bab ベビー長ネクタイ 木馬(紺×白)の着用例です。<br />

着用例:7ヶ月男の子(身長80cm)/シャツスタイ+[bib-bab ベビー長ネクタイ 木馬(紺×白)]※別売り</div><br />
An image of wearing: A 7 month old baby boy (Height 80 cm)/Shirt bib + [bib-bab baby tie Rocking horse (navy blue x white)] *Sold separately<br />
<br />
<h3>素材について</h3>表はコットン生地で、さらりとした肌触りです。裏はタオル地でできています。<br />
さらにその間にコットン生地を3枚挟んだ、全部で5層仕立てとなっています。そのため、吸水性に優れ、型崩れしにくい丈夫さを備えています。<br />
襟の下にホックがついていますので、シャツスタイ+(プラス)を付け外しすることができます。<br />
<br />
<table cellpadding=素材スタイ:表・中/綿100%、裏/綿75%・ポリエステル25%

Baby bib for on the go A shirt-style "bib-bab” baby bib. This baby bib has a unique shirt-like design and is accented with an attractive 3-dimensional collar and cute covered buttons. The covered buttons are secured firmly to the bib fabric meaning there is no need to worry about them coming off. It also features a cute pocket tag adorned with the bib-bab logo. The bib is already cute enough when worn by itself, but you can improve your baby's stylish look even further by combining it with the separately sold tie accessory. It is the ideal accessory for small outings, or even more formal occasions such as weddings.

About materials: Cotton is used for the front, making it smooth to the touch. Terry toweling is used for the back. Between them there are also three layers of cotton, making five layers in all. Because of this, it is highly absorbent and solidly-made, and will keep its shape. There are hooks under the collar, allowing you to easily attach and detach the Shirt bib + (accessory).

Material Bib the front and inside/Cotton 100%, back/Cotton 75% Polyester 25% Plastic hooks Plastic button Size (cm) Bib: Approx. 29.5 cm x19 cm(whole) Made in Japan Notes The patterns may differ from the pictures depending on the way fabric is cut. The actual shade of color may differ depending on the monitor you are using.